Jan Bierman Consultant to Management Ltd provides independent strategic advisory services to support businesses and organisations to improve their performance and outcomes.

We are an experienced consultancy with a reputation for problem solving and providing pragmatic and effective solutions, often in complex and multi-disciplinary environments. With our strong knowledge of the culture and dynamics of organisations and broad business experience we are uniquely placed to support our clients to improve their performance, and develop effective strategies for the future.



Our work is characterised by a high level of critical analysis, evidence-based research, and stakeholder involvement, and we utilise our extensive knowledge, experience and networks for the benefit of our clients.

We have undertaken performance improvement projects for over 30 public sector organisations. Clients have included: government agencies, district health boards, local authorities, education providers, libraries, and museums. We have experience working with government agencies in the Pacific, South America, and China.

We have advised, coached and mentored, over 40 small to medium sized enterprise businesses, to support performance improvement via organizational development and capability building, business planning, governance, marketing and brand strategy. Clients have included: service-based, import/export, information technology, health and retail businesses, private training establishments, and not-for-profits.



Jan Bierman Consultant to Management Ltd has been providing independent strategic advisory services to organisations and businesses, since 1995. The consultancy has worked on a diverse range of projects with organisations and businesses seeking strategic growth. The imperative for all clients has been the necessity to strengthen performance and outcomes, via business innovation and improvement.


Director and Principal Consultant (BA, DBA, NZLA Cert, ANZLA)


Jan has a wealth of business, management and professional leadership experience with a consulting career that commenced in 1995. She is also a partner in an innovative global branding company (Rare HQ), project leader (Conversa), company director, and mentor.

Clients have described Jan as having: “strategic vision”, “highly honed understanding of organisations and people”, “global understanding of service and product”, “sensitive market awareness”, “good approach to incorporating ideas with her own experience and knowledge”, being “an organisational shaper”, “empathetic with various stakeholders”, “customer oriented”, and “produces sound and timely reports”.

Stakeholders have reported that they valued her empathy, integrity and credibility in terms of approach and outcomes. Jan is supported by a team of qualified and experienced associates.



There is no scientific answer for success. You can’t define it. You have simply got to live it and do it.